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Senior moving and packing are a very common business these days. It involves relocating an elderly senior from his current residence to a new residential facility. Local senior moving and packing services move individuals from one house to another inside their town, state or province. These moving and packing services usually cost between $5,500 and $7,500. The price depends on distance, packing and transportation services provided.

Most senior moving and packing companies have their offices in major cities like Georgia, Paulding County, Paulding County and Paulding County. They have branches in many other cities, as well. In addition, the moving and packing companies have online resources that provide tips on how to cut down on your senior moving costs.

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The moving and packing companies are in constant touch with the movers until the job is done. This allows them to make last minute arrangements if necessary. The cost of the transportation can be greatly reduced if you decide to arrange it in advance. You can ask the moving and packing company to make arrangements for overnight lodging if you are not staying at the home during the unpacking period.

If you are going to hire local senior moving services, you should know what will be packed and where. Ask whether the movers will pack it yourself, hire a truck to do so or subcontract the work to another company. The company may tell you right away that subcontracting the work will cost you more. Before signing any contract, find out whether the moving service has an in-house post move evaluation service. In this service, the movers will evaluate the packing process and will provide you with an in-depth report once the job is done.

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Senior citizens need special attention when moving. Make sure the professional agents will provide all necessary protection. Find out from the certified senior moving consultants if their workers are adequately trained. Make sure the workers are protected by body armor or by a safety helmet. Ensure that the workers are provided with gloves, goggles, hearing aids and a respirator in case of any accident.

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As part of the scheduled move day, schedule the actual Senior Packing along with the licensed moving professionals. It is important for the workers to be ready to help the senior citizens into their new home. Scheduled moving day is usually around two to four hours long.

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