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Senior moving can be a stressful experience for families. They worry about the safety of their elderly loved ones, the length of their journey, and whether they will be able to stay in their own homes. When a family is preparing for senior moving and packing, they often neglect the most important aspects of the move – hiring a reputable senior moving and packing company to do the work for them. Hiring an honest moving and packing company is crucial for senior moving and packing. Hiring movers with experience and a reputation for quality work means the elderly will be safer during the move. The move will go smoothly and their personal belongings will be better protected.

A few important things need to be considered when finding a good moving company. The most important tip for seniors seeking moving and packing assistance is to never hire the first moving movers company that appears in the phone book. Instead, contact at least three moving companies and ask to get pricing information and referrals. Once a list of moving companies is assembled, call each company and have the following information provided:

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Company name What kind of company does the moving and packing service belong to? Does the company specialize in senior movers? The name of the company should be noted on the packing lists that are provided when the senior movers arrive.

Company address Contact information should be kept up to date and available at all times. The address and phone number should be prominently displayed on the company’s website. It is also a good idea to have this information on hand at the time that the movers are scheduled to arrive. Senior movers do not want to be someone’s last stop before moving on to greener pastures. They will want to make sure that they give a proper account of where everything is at the time of moving day.

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Company insurance Does the company have insurance for the senior movers? It is always a good idea to check out the insurance. In some cases the insurance might be provided by the moving company. However, in other instances the insurance would come from either the moving agency or the insurance company of the mover. The insurance provides coverage for any damage done to personal property during the moving process. In addition, if there is an accident or anything unexpected occurs while the senior movers are moving, the insurance coverage would cover it.

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Guarantee A written guarantee of the moving process is extremely important. Senior movers understand how difficult it can be for the senior community to be moved around. Most often than not, moving companies will require a 10 percent deposit to guarantee that they will get the senior community their way.

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Senior Moving Cherokee County GA