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Paulding County Pool Table Moving

Moving a Pool Table can be a stressful experience for the owner. There are many factors that come into play in determining how much it costs to move a pool table. The ultimate total cost will vary depending on many variables: the size and style of the pool table, where it is located, if there are stairs involved, and how far the table is from its original location to its new location. Moving a Pool Table involves many moving parts and involves a lot of planning. Pool table moving companies are qualified to move any sized, shaped, or custom pool table.

How to Move a Pool Table. The first step in moving a pool table is deciding how to transport it. Many movers offer this as part of their service. Most pool table moving companies have tie-ups with moving companies that offer specialized moving services. Pool table moving companies can move the table from one floor to another, between homes and across the country.

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Rates. Different movers offer different prices on moving services. Make sure to shop around and compare rates. Some movers have better rates than others, especially when it comes to long distance moves.

How to Get the Pool Table Ready for the Move. Before any move, it is important to assemble any pool tables that will be moved. Most movers will send out one truck to transport the assembled pool tables, with the assembled pieces following later. Storing assembled pieces in a garage or shed is not recommended, as the longer the time without an assembled piece, the harder it will be to get the piece moved later. In some cases, the movers will do all the packing and loading of the assembled pool tables, while you just have to load them into your vehicle.

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What to Do Once the Pool Table Is Ready for the Move? Once the movers have disassembled your pool table and all the pieces are ready to go, they will need a few hours to disassemble your table, including any special screws and brackets that may need to be detached. Once the tables are disassembled, movers will need to disassemble your pool table and put it together again. At this point, they will place each piece back onto the table and reassemble it. They will then drive the newly assembled table out to the location for the move.

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How Long Does it Take? The actual time frame depends largely on how many pool tables are being moved, the distance and weight between the moving trucks and the locations where they need to be moved and the type and size of pool tables that are being moved. For larger or heavier items, movers will generally use larger and more powerful trucks. Smaller or lighter items can be carried by vans or smaller personal vehicles. You’ll also find that the longer the distance and more miles the movers must travel, the longer it takes for them to move your pool tables.

Best Pool Table Moving in Paulding County, Georgia

Pool Table Moving Paulding County GA