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Moving the pool table can be quite a task. The process of moving it becomes even more complicated if the table is made of wood or metal. These materials tend to be very heavy and need to be carefully moved. Fortunately, there are some companies that specialize in moving such things. These experts are called pool table movers and these companies will gladly transport your pool table from one location to another with the proper equipment and guidance.

If you have a pool table made of wood, it is probably best to disassemble it before moving it. You will need to expose the entire board to the elements to ensure proper breaking down. Once the wood has been exposed to weather, it will most likely rot and become damaged. Once the boards have started to rot, you cannot replace them with new ones without causing considerable damage to themselves. The only solution for this is to remove the table completely and then disassemble it all. This must be done properly because the pool table is likely to tip over backwards when the table is tipped.

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If the pool table is made of metal, disassemble it first. If you have any metal parts, they will probably need to be removed before moving the table. Make sure all clips, bolts and nuts are out so that you do not damage anything while removing it. Once all parts are removed, you will need to unscrew them from the base. However, make sure to keep the screws tight as you are moving the table.

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Some people may wonder how to move a pool table sideways. This can be done without too much difficulty if the table is made of plastic or other light material. The moving straps for wooden tables can be taken off to allow the table to slide side to side easily. There may be two ways to move a pool table; the first involves lifting the whole table up and kicking it forward in a smooth motion. The second involves pushing the entire table backward and then kicking it backward.

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How to move a pool table that is on a floating base is more difficult. It may take some time and effort to get the table to settle into its new location. Make sure that the pool table base is level and that the legs do not move when the table moves in either direction. Otherwise the table could tip over backward when it is rolled over.

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Knowing how to move a pool table is important for parents who may occasionally let children play at their home, even if they are not using it for playing actively. Most pool tables are sold with assembly instructions. If there is no instruction manual with the table, you can find one by contacting the manufacturer. Some people are comfortable teaching their children how to move a pool table, but most people will prefer to have someone experienced do it.

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