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Moving the family to a new home is both exciting and exhausting. In order to make the moving a breeze, a few things need to be taken into account. When movers and packers come to move your house, they may not have all of the moving supplies that you would need. A good moving company will save you both time and a great deal of stress during this process. Here are 5 ways to hire movers and packers: Take inventory. Do not hire companies that go by many names.

Asking for multiple quotes from movers and packers will help you compare costs. Make sure to ask about pricing on packing services, moving supplies and even insurance. Ask how long the moving company has been in business, and what certifications they have. Movers often charge more if they use newer packing services or higher-quality moving supplies. Ask what the moving company uses to pack the items.

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Hiring movers and packers can be a huge stress reliever. Ask if the moving company offers a safety checklist and how to pack fragile items. Make sure that the moving companies you are considering working with your larger bulky items first. A good moving company should be able to do it correctly.

Check the moving supplies that are being used. hiring professional packers and movers means that they use the right packing supplies for moving your belongings. Many movers simply stack boxes on top of each other in cartons or bubble bags, which can easily rip or tear the articles inside. Using specialty boxes with a heavy cardboard box inside and soft fleece backing on the outside, professional packers and movers can transport your large bulky items without ripping them apart.

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The national average cost of moving boxes is $.10. Some moving supply companies charge more because their moving supplies include padding and blankets for softer goods, and foam peanuts for peanuts. Check all moving supplies and compare prices. Ask what the national average cost includes, and compare any additional costs. Some companies charge extra for priority services such as overnight shipping, and these can often be included in the national average.

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If your items will not be transported very far, consider having your movers pack small items first. A small box of clothing can weigh a great deal, especially if it is bulky. Larger bulky items can be transported in smaller vans, or on a flatbed truck. Ask your mover what the standard weight limit is for moving your items, and how long it takes to pack one pound of clothing, shoes or other bulky item, etc.

Best Packing Movers in Cobb County, Georgia

Packing Movers Cobb County GA