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Moving a hot tub takes some heavy machinery and strong, trained men to make this major move successful. Hot tub moving can be a tricky job due to the size and construction of the tub. It is also not something for the “do-it-yourselfer”. Moving a hot tub involves more than just driving it into a space and lifting it into place. Hot tub moving tips include:

Know your total cubic feet (cubic) of space needed to fit the spa into the area. The number is based on local codes, so check with your city council or business owners association. Hot tub moving companies will provide you with the proper calculations and an idea of how much moving a hot tub would cost per hour of work. Moving a pool table can be costly, depending on the size and material being moved. Make a per hour cost estimate based on the cubic foot of space for both pool tables and hot tubs.

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The average moving company charges between fifteen and twenty dollars per hour for a standard relocation. Determine how many movers will be involved in the move and how many hours it will take based on the estimate provided by the moving company. All moving services are not the same and prices will vary accordingly.

Determine how much consolidating supplies will cost. Many moving companies include certain items in the total moving costs, like the removal of patio furniture and furnishings. Ask if any of these additional items will be included in the consolidated move. Some moving companies charge extra for certain items and they may not have them in stock when you arrive. Be aware of this when talking to different moving companies to get a general idea of how much they charge.

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Most movers charge on a flat rate basis. Contact several moving companies to find out how they charge for flat rate fees. Some movers charge according to the mileage, while others base their fees on square footage. A larger moving company may be able to reduce your moving costs with special discounts. If possible, contact the movers to find out exactly what the flat rate fee includes.

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How long does it usually take a moving company to move your belongings? Some moving companies are licensed and insured. Others are not. It is important that you know how long the moving company has been in business and how long the estimate they give you is. A reputable moving company should give you a definite time frame for your move.

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