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A common question that people ask about when moving day comes is how to move furniture yourself with the help of a furniture delivery service. The reply is that you don’t need any help, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be familiar with the different methods of moving furniture on your own. There are three major methods for moving furniture-the top-down method, the do-it-yourself way, and packing in parts. Let’s look at these three options in more detail:

Top-down: This method involves simply placing all furniture on the ground, covering any larger pieces such as couches and large tables with boxes or blankets, and then driving the furniture forward. This approach can result in a disaster if the bottom of a box or blanket is dropped on a sofa; the resulting damage would render the furniture useless. To minimize damage, use heavy blankets or boxes under the furniture instead of just putting them on the floor. If you are concerned about damaging the floor, you could also use black polyethylene instead of white-glove polyurethane.

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Do-it-Yourself: If you decide to move all this furniture yourself, be sure that you are prepared. For one, you will need heavy furniture movers to bring all the furniture to the same location. Be sure you have all the appropriate furniture and boxes on hand, as well as any other necessary supplies and items. You will also need help with loading the furniture into your vehicle before you leave. Make sure you hire a moving company that offers both packing services as well as a do-it-yourself furniture delivery service. If the furniture delivery service only offers packing services, find another one.

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When choosing the method you will use to move your furniture, consider whether you want to pack it, lift it, or tie it down. If you plan on lifting it, pack everything in cardboard boxes, then set them on top of one another so they would not blow or fly around. Lift the furniture to pack it, and then wrap the box edges around the furniture and tape it down with strong tape. Tie the box down using even more tape, and then tape the rest of the furniture down as well.

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If you plan on moving the furniture by lifting it, be sure the lift is very steady. Use an assistant if you think you cannot lift the entire thing by yourself. Lift one piece at a time and tape it down as you move it. Then lift the next piece and tape it down. Continue moving the furniture in this fashion until all the furniture has been wrapped. Once you have the furniture wrapped, move each piece one at a time by lifting and tapeting down.

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If you plan on moving the furniture by lifting it, be sure you have a good ramp. Lifting the heavy furniture can be a difficult task if you are not aware of how to do so safely. You do not want any of the heavy furniture falling on anyone, especially if you are doing the move in wet weather. Ramps are available that fold down flat so you will not damage anything during the move or when you return it to your place of location.

Best Furniture Delivery in Redan, Georgia

Furniture Delivery Redan GA