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If you’re moving house, you may be looking into hiring a furniture removal company, or maybe even a furniture movers. According to the Tektris Movers, most Americans rent, buy, or lease some kind of property, and almost all of that property is “occupied.” In other words, every tenant has an actual living space. This includes a room, apartment, condo unit, or whatever you happen to own at this very moment. However, if the occupant of said space decides to move, they are obligated to leave their furniture behind. And when that happens, it can be tough to get it out of your rental unit.

Now, it’s not all bad news. Some companies are dedicated to ensuring the safe, quick, and easy relocation of your belongings, and they have a variety of options for how to do it. They can use packing tape to pack your furniture, they can send your items in padded packaging, or they might even use custom furniture shipping boxes to make sure your items arrive in the same condition, and as undamaged as possible. So if you’re wondering how to move furniture yourself, without the help of a professional, here’s how to go about it:

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Pick up the phone. Call around to local furniture stores and ask what kind of packing services they offer. Most of them have a small inventory of furniture pieces, and all of them have methods of shipping your items. Ask whether they would recommend a specific furniture delivery service for your type of furniture, and then choose one based on recommendations and price.

Pick up the truck. Your local delivery service should have a special section devoted just to furniture delivery. If you’re using curbside service, make sure the company you choose uses white-glove gloves when moving furniture, because any dirt or loose particles will fly out into the delivery truck along with your furniture. Use curbside delivery if you have an apartment complex, as it will likely be covered by building insurance.

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Put the furniture in the truck. Once you’ve picked it up, put it inside a large cardboard box. This is where furniture delivery companies take your furniture and package it for delivery to the right place. If your furniture is damaged, this box will protect it from further damage. Leave the box with the company representative.

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Deliver. Once your furniture arrives at the door of the company you bought it from, simply open the door and deliver your items. They will either use large trucks to bring your items directly to your home, or they will have someone deliver the furniture to your front entrance. Either way, you shouldn’t have to leave the front door of your home while your furniture is being delivered. The delivery company will typically deliver all items in one shipment but may deliver other items as well.

Best Furniture Delivery in Alpharetta, Georgia

Furniture Delivery Alpharetta GA